Participatory Evaluation

We understand how important it is to get the whole picture when evaluating services or projects, to understand the experiences of service users, volunteers and staff members as well as the external views of partners and funders. To explore the impact of a project it is vital to speak with people and hear their views.

We can help you to:

  • assess satisfaction and quality levels through surveys
  • get to the stories underneath the statistics by hearing from people in their own words
  • find out what difference your service has made

We offer:

  • community workshops where people come together to talk about a service or project
  • activities that everyone can join in with
  • people the chance to give their opinions anonymously if they wish
  • focus groups where people can share their experiences and explore impact in more detail
  • one-to-one interviews for in-depth personal experiences and case studies

We have enabled many people from seldom heard communities to share their views and experiences and to influence service improvements, including people from migrant communities, refugees and asylum seekers, looked after young people, mental health service users, survivors of domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse, carers, patients, parents and older people.

 Merida delivered an excellent evaluation of the Be Birmingham Future Jobs Fund programme. They were flexible and easy to work with all through the contract period and delivered on time and to spec.  

Ian Ellis, Partnership Manager, Be Birmingham