Research & Evaluation

As an independent, external research team Merida Associates are robust, reliable, knowledgeable and flexible. We can help you evidence the difference you are making. We work with clients to design research and evaluation frameworks that set out the key questions against expected outcomes, establish indicators and identify methods of gathering evidence.

This approach can be applied to:

  • Project and programme evaluation
  • Organisational reviews
  • Baseline studies
  • Policy research

Whenever you need to build an evidence base, to undertake impact assessment or needs analysis, our approach can help you. We always start with what you want to find out but our approach also adds value. It is particularly appropriate for community and user-led reviews and will also enhance and provide evidence of stakeholder participation in broader contexts.

Our research is informed by academic principles whilst being accessible and engaging. We use a wide range of participatory research and evaluation methods and we have a strong track record in capturing the voices and experiences of people from communities of interest, place, identity and faith.

You can expect us to:

  • Listen to your needs
  • Identify all key stakeholders
  • Ensure that research findings are balanced and immediately applicable
  • Ensure that processes are practical and contribute to the development of your organisation, programmes and initiatives.

Merida understood BVSC's requirements from the start and produced relevant, independent analysis and insight. We appreciated their ability to positively engage our project participants and wider stakeholders.

Helen Ryman, Learning and Evaluation Manager, BVSC

Delivered an excellent evaluation and supported delivery by contributing invaluable advice through the commission.

Paul Hargrave, Public Health, Coventry City Council